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Generate homework, class questions, exit tickets, class notes and more for free by uploading your lesson's PowerPoint, Google Slides, Docx or PDF. We offer this as part of our mission to reduce teacher workload and tailor education for every student.

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We automatically generate, mark, and analyse classroom materials and questions. We combine this with school data to calculate individual student ability levels and deliver tailored education for every student without increasing teacher workloads.

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UnderMyWing creates

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This will definitely improve our GCSE and A-Level results!

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Increasing student attainment and improving teacher workload.

from extrapolated data

4 hours

saved by teachers per week


increase in job satisfaction

Why UnderMyWing?

Designed by you

Teachers and students, the people that stand to gain the most from our platform, have been involved at every step in building our platform.

Weekly updates

With a weekly rollout schedule for updates, we're always acting on your feedback to improve UnderMyWing.

Research backed

We use a transparent, evidence based approach - agreed by students and educators, to calculate attainment.

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Determine who needs to be taught what

UnderMyWing analyses data already collected by schools to effortlessly determine who needs to be taught what.

Our software provides tailored learning, personalised feedback and targeted support in every classroom alongside comprehensive insights for department heads and senior leadership.

How does it work?


Set a starting point

You can choose to import all your existing student learning data or start with a clean slate.


Generate Content

Upload your learning materials for each class. We'll determine the relevant exam board specific learning objectives and generate tailored teaching and testing material for your students.


Improve Attainment

Through automatic marking, we mark the work for you, using the grades to track student ability and tailor future material to help where students are weakest.

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Effortlessly determine who needs to be taught what

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